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Trieste Records came into existence in 1981 with the introduction of our first LP Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste.

Quicktime video (3.4meg)
Papa Gianni singing "Granada."
with Fabio on accordion

Keep memories of your visit to the Trieste alive for years to come--or you can share your experience with your friends and family.

(manufactured by
Highland Laboratories)

Nostalgia dei Sensi:
is a 28 minute program documenting the roots and the essence of the Caffe. Family members, Trieste musicians, and long-time customers help paint the picture of the institution that has developed over the last four-plus decades. Includes footage of the Saturday Concert, Espresso brewing, and coffee roasting. $10.95

The Caffe Trieste Performers at Forest Meadows.
The Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert has been recorded, video-taped, and filmed hundreds of times. However, this is a rare look at the Trieste musical family on the road, in concert. Included are Papa Gianni, sons Gianfranco and Fabio and the Caffe Trieste Band. Running time: 63 minutes. $10.95

VIDEO $10.95
An uncut, behind the scenes look at this live radio show as broadcast from the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco. Hosted by Sedge Thompson, the two-hour program includes the entire Giotta Family: the Caffe Trieste Band, the Mattinata di Matteo band, and interviews with family members, customers, celebrated poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, world famous photographer Jimo Perini, writers Herb Gold and Kristen Jensen, and others

All of these reasonably priced items are available at our retail location next door to the Caffe.

Trieste Records Videos
Video tape: $10.95
Nostalgia dei Sensi
A Documentary

Video tape: $10.95
Caffe Trieste Performances at Forest Meadows

Video Tape $10.95
West Coast Live

Special Offer - or buy all three videos for $29.95

The Latest...

The NEW Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert debuts on March 22 to open the 2014 season. The reformatted show follows the successful program style of the 2013 Christmas Concert and promises to bring more musical thrills and a wider range of cast members. Showtime is 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. with musical warm-up preceding the 2:00 downbeat. Minimum drink charge: $7.95 per person.

IN MEMORIAM: Iolanda Bodi (Giotta)
December 16, 1927-March 4, 2014
We are sad to announce the passing of my aunt, Iolanda Bodi. She had been battling Parkinson’s disease since the time of her retirement and return to Italy in 1999. Iolanda had a long career through the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s at our North Beach location and knew many hundreds of customers on a first name basis, as well as what they ordered whenever they came in. She also took time to kiss, hug and cater to all the kids who visited the Caffe with their Moms and Dads (as seen in several well known photos), many of whom now bring their own children. Her dynamic personality and enthusiastic greeting of “Hi Dali” have been, and always will be, sorely missed.



Announcing our NEW, Expanded TRIESTE MUSIC web pages, now with Music Resources, Accordion Online Resources, Accordion related articles, and a new Our Music page. To view, please click >> TRIESTE MUSIC.


The Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert 

Afternoons, 2:00 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert with the Giotta Family,The Caffe Trieste Band, and the Trieste Musical Family. Consider it a casual, Italianate version of the Lawrence Welk Show, replete with multiple accordions. $7.95 drinks, 1 minimum per person. For specific inquiries, email: TRIESTEMUSIC@AOL.COM

Concert Schedule

The Caffe Trieste Band can consist of accordion, organ, piano, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, bass violin, harmonica, washboard, banjo, spoons, congas and just about any other low-tech instrument (except for Fabio's Petosa Millennium digital reedless accordion). Well known Bay Area favorites such as David Sturdevant, Dave Jess, Tony Mance (a.k.a Antonio Mancini), Ned "Eddi" Boynton and Ken Fishler are "regulars" with the band. Multiple accordions are not unusual at the concert. Noted Bay Area accordionists such as Dave Baioni and Ron Borelli join Fabio and the band. Our 3+hour show now starts at about 1 p.m. $7.50 minimum per person. No cover charge. For more information about show schedule, theme shows, and guest singers, please go to our events page.

As of March, 2004. the Caffe’s seating and stage area arrangement have been reconfigured to be more audience friendly. As it was in the late 1960’s and perdiodically during the 1980’s, the audience now enjoys the same Caffe Trieste ambience with an added bit of Cabaret flavor. The “new” stage area is set against the beautiful Fishermans’ mural depicting a scene in Sardegna, the house sound reinforcement system has been completely revamped (engineer included), and the performances have never sounded or looked so good.

Matteo Casserino

Mattinata di Mandolini

"Mattinata di Mandolini"
2014 music schedule
10:30A to 12:15P
"M di M"
Feb 8th
March 15th

Zighi Baci
Sheri Mignano, bandleader
for updates about the Saturday morning music schedule,
please contact:


Special Musical Feature

Caffe Trieste Band guitarist "Eddi" Boynton brings his acoustic string quartet from 7 to 10:00 p.m. Come enjoy Romantic Gypsy Jazz, Choros, Rock, and Italian other great repertory. For more info, visit or call Eddi at (415) 710-7352
*Note - On hiatus: January, 2013 - resumes in February


EVERY LAST AND FIRST very last and first Sunday morning of the month:
Mazurka Madness: David Wise and Friends' acoustic ensemble,
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

January 26
Feb 2
Feb 23
March 2
March 30
April 6
April 20
May 4
May 25
July 27
August 3rd
August 31

Thursday Night Concert Series

Feb 20th
March 27th
Singer Julie Smolin is an an extraordinary musician. She studied classical violin in Vienna, has sung with numerous country and blue grass bands in the bay area. Her rare voice is a treasure that comes from the heart and reaches into the heart. Elixir information.

A San Francisco based jazz group that has been playing in this area for over 10 years. Comprised of 4 very talented local musicians, Nova Jazz specializes in Jazz from the "golden era" of jazz of the 40's and 50's as well as Bossa Nova sounds from Brazil. Nova Jazz is also adept at more modern jazz from composers such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane. From Bebop to Ballads, Nova Jazz will keep the house swinging along all night.


If you know of an act that you would like to see on the Thursday Night Concert Schedule, please contact Fabio Giotta at  

The San Francisco
Festival of the Mandolins


Zighi Baci

Sheri Mignano’s Zighi Baci (pronounced ZIGGY BOTCH-chee) band likes to play dance music in the Italian “Ballo Liscio” style: waltzes, mazurkas, polkas, rhumbas, tangos, tarantellas, paso dobles, jotas, and marches.

A hundred years ago, Italian dance hall music saturated popular culture with the Viennese school influence; it later fused with Latin rhythms and Italian melodies to create a broader appeal. By the mid-1950’s, the next generation of Italian-American composers were introducing these dance genres to San Francisco Bay Area audiences in cafes and nightclubs. Zighi Baci performs Italian standards and music written by Bay Area composers such as Frank & Lawrence Andrini, Peter Tarzia, Rudy Cipolla, Gino Pellegrini, Mike Corino, and other Italian immigrants.

Two thousand four marks Zighi Baci’s debut at the Cotati Accordion Festival! Their performance is dedicated to Sheri Mignano’s grandfather, Francesco Mignano who played the button box, and to Mike Corino, composer, accordion virtuoso and teacher. Fabio Giotta will sit in as guest accordionist at the Festival.

Zighi Baci also performs at Caffe Trieste locations and at other venues throughout Northern California

Sports Events at the Caffe

To be announced.

See Event Archives for a listing of past events.