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Bay Area Studio Engineering-Analog Rules !!!
Servicing Analog Equipment since 1981...
plus a good selection of Ampex and MCI Parts
and other things 'groovy'

CAE Sound
Electronic accordion, organ and amplifier service, consumer and professional audio equipment service, accessories, vintage audio & amplifier sales-San Mateo, CA


Duvateen Sound - Gavin Jones
Music production services, San Francisco, CA


Guitar Center-San Francisco
is the exclusive pro-audio equipment and string instrument supplier to the Caffe Trieste and Trieste Recording Studios. Contact our longtime good friend Vince “Vincenzo” Bedford-CG PRO at (415) 409-0350 or email:

Jon De Long Piano Service
- San Francisco Bay Area, (650) 728-8863, (650) 359-8863, Moss Beach, CA

TRIESTE RECORDING STUDIOS - San Francisco, full-service, large-format audio recording studio, part of the “Caffe Trieste family”, web site: