Trieste Records came into existence in 1981 with the introduction of our first LP Saturday Live at Caffe Trieste.

Quicktime video (3.4meg)
Papa Gianni singing "Granada."
with Fabio on accordion

Keep memories of your visit to the Trieste alive for years to come--or you can share your experience with your friends and family.

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Highland Laboratories)

Nostalgia dei Sensi:
is a 28 minute program documenting the roots and the essence of the Caffe. Family members, Trieste musicians, and long-time customers help paint the picture of the institution that has developed over the last four-plus decades. Includes footage of the Saturday Concert, Espresso brewing, and coffee roasting. $7.95

The Caffe Trieste Performers at Forest Meadows.
The Caffe Trieste Saturday Concert has been recorded, video-taped, and filmed hundreds of times. However, this is a rare look at the Trieste musical family on the road, in concert. Included are Papa Gianni, sons Gianfranco and Fabio and the Caffe Trieste Band. Running time: 63 minutes. $7.95

VIDEO $7.95
An uncut, behind the scenes look at this live radio show as broadcast from the Caffe Trieste in San Francisco. Hosted by Sedge Thompson, the two-hour program includes the entire Giotta Family: the Caffe Trieste Band, the Mattinata di Matteo band, and interviews with family members, customers, celebrated poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, world famous photographer Jimo Perini, writers Herb Gold and Kristen Jensen, and others

All of these reasonably priced items are available at our retail location next door to the Caffe.

Trieste Record Videos
Video tape: $7.95
Nostalgia dei Sensi
A Documentary

Video tape: $7.95
Caffe Trieste Performances at Forest Meadows

Video Tape $7.95
West Coast Live

Special - Buy 2 Nostalgia dei Sensi and Forest Meadows videos for $16.95

Special - Buy 2 Nostalgia dei Sensi and West Coast Live videos for $16.95

Special - Buy 2 Forest Meadows and West Coast Live videos for $16.95

Special - Buy all three videos for $21.95

Zighi Baci
(pronounced “ziggy-botch-eee”)
likes to play dance music—in the Italian “Ballo Liscio” style: waltzes, mazurkas, polkas, rhumbas, tangos, tarantellas, paso dobles, jotas, and marches. You’ll hear many of them starting at 10:30am every Saturday at the Caffe.

A hundred years ago, Italian dance hall music saturated popular culture with the Viennese school influence; it later fused with Latin rhythms and Italian melodies to create a broader appeal. By the mid-1950’s, the next generation of Italian-American composers were introducing these dance genres to San Francisco Bay Area audiences in cafes and nightclubs. Zighi Baci performs Italian standards and music written by Bay Area Italian and Italian-American composers such as Frank & Lawrence Andrini, Peter Tarzia, Rudy Cipolla, Gino Pellegrini, Mike Corino, and others.

Two thousand four marks Zighi Baci’s debut at the Cotati Accordion Festival.
Petosa Accordion:
Sheri Mignano-bandleader Also heads up “Mattinata di Matteo” and plays flute and accordion in the Caffe Trieste Band

Bass Violin (“upright”):
Joe Rosato Jr. Also plays in “Mattinata di Matteo” and in “Bad Boy Zydeco”

Mandolin & Violin:
Gus Garelick. Also heads up the “Hot Frittatas”